Tip Tuesday #9- Easiest Homemade Almond Milk Ever

When I started eating a cleaner diet I realized that I was sensitive to milk. Every time I had a bowl of cereal or cup of coffee my stomach would kill me. I always read about how good almond milk is in comparison to cow’s milk so I gave it a try.

First I tried unsweetened almond milk. I have to be honest- the smell reminded me of dirty diapers, yuck! The taste was odd as well and drinking it plain in a cup was definitely not happening. I tried the sweetened kind and that was better, but really didn’t want to use one with added sugars.

After that I began to make my own almond milk by blending whole soaked almonds with water and straining them in a cloth. The result was much better than the store bought kind, no stinky smell! I added some vanilla and stevia or maple syrup to sweeten and it was pretty good. Problem is it made a big mess. I was left with all this almond pulp that was such a shame to waste. I would freeze it to use at some point or another and never remember till I would clean out the freezer. It also requires you to use 1 cup of almonds for 3-4 cups of water. I really hated blending up my precious almonds for milk that would last MAYBE a week.

That’s when I got this great idea that I am super excited to share! (hence all the exclamation points in this post) If you blend almond butter together with water you get….almond milk! I can go on forever talking about how amazing this is. It is basically mess free, takes seconds to make, and tastes so so so amazing. You only need to use a couple tablespoons of almond butter so no more wasting cups of almonds either. Woohoo!

Check out that froth!

Easiest Homemade Almond Milk Ever

2 Tb unsweetened almond butter
4 cups filtered water

Place water and almond butter in a blender and blend till it turns white.
That’s it!!!! 
I used my magic bullet, so I blend 2 cups at a time since it is smaller.

The result is a frothy, yummy, creamy almond milk that I CAN drink on its own in a glass. Although I mostly enjoy it in my coffee.

Milk mustache coming my way!

If you want you can add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp of sweetener like honey, maple syrup, or stevia.
I do that sometimes and it is too good!

Before Blending

This lasts in your fridge 5 days possibly 7, but it never stays in our fridge that long as I drink it all up!
Be sure to give the bottle a shake before using.
You can also use more almond butter if you’d like for an even creamier milk.

Pour into a bottle to store in the fridge

*The brand of almond butter I had at the time was a skinned one and therefore it is a lighter color than most almond butters out there, but the milk will still turn white if you use almond butter with skins that is brown.

In the fridge next to my container of store bought almond milk. The store bought one is chocolate flavored and was my last one in the house so I opened it. But now that I made my own, I don’t know if the other will get used. Maybe i’ll put some in a smoothie.  Just add cocoa powder to the homemade one for the chocolate version!

5 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday #9- Easiest Homemade Almond Milk Ever”

  1. Wow!!!!! How simple! I love the idea. It means if I just need a little bit of almond milk before I go traveling, I don't have to buy a whole container of it. And I almost always have homemade almond butter in the fridge. This post definitely requires lots of exclamation points!!! Thank you!

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