8 Week Get Healthy Plan- Intro

Welcome to the NoWayThatsHealthy 8 Week Get Healthy Plan!
Before I start with the plan for week 1 i’ll give a little intro about the plan and how you can be one of the winners of a healthy goodie package.
What is the 8 Week Get Healthy Plan?
I am sure most of us have tried those 7 day diets or any of those quick fix diet plans to lose weight fast. Do they work? Sometimes. Most of the time you are starving yourself and after initially losing some weight we go back to real life and eat like we did before which ends up with us gaining the weight right back. 
The way to lose weight and keep it off is not through any of the quick fixes. They will simply not last.
In this plan we will make one change to our lifestyle per week. That way you will get accustomed to the change you are making and be able to stick to it even after the 8 weeks are up.
Then why is it called Get Healthy Plan and not Lose Weight Plan?
If you plan to change any part of your lifestyle and it is only for weight loss, it will not happen. You need to do it for your health. Losing weight is just a great outcome of the changes you’ve made. 
Anyone who changes these things will definitely start feeling better too. You won’t be as tired and you will have more energy. Like I said, weight loss is just a great bonus 🙂
How do I win a healthy goodie package?
I have collected some of my favorite healthy products and put them in a package to give out to those who are active during this plan. I will choose somewhere from 2-4 readers who are involved in the plan. You can be involved by commenting on the blog and/or facebook page throughout the 8 weeks. Posting how things are going, ideas, struggles etc. Sharing this plan with your friends can help too. Basically, the more you are involved, the more likely you are to get the package plus see results from changing to better habits.
Should I weigh myself before the 8 weeks?
I rather not have this plan focused on weight. When we look at the scale it can mess with our mind too much and prevent us from doing what we need. Therefore, I suggest not weighing yourself. You will notice results in the way your clothing fits and the compliments your friends give you!
Are there any other suggestions to make this plan work to its fullest?
There are several things:
  • Remember this phrase- Start small and stay consistent. The key to this really is to take baby steps and stick to them.
  • Keep a journal and at the end of each day or week write down how you did. You can do this anywhere from a notebook, a draft in your email, or right here on the blog in the comments section.
  • If you didn’t do well today, get right back up and keep going. Just because you may have slipped doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get right back up. Getting upset with yourself doesn’t make anything better. Accept that it happened and move on. 
Of course, if you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me using the contact me tab above. The post for Week 1 will be up later this week so stay tuned!

If you are joining me on the 8 Week Get Healthy Plan, comment below and let me know!

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Pesach Recipes

I had planned on posting more recipes for Pesach, but life gets busy and I haven’t had a chance.
Today I will share all the recipes I have that are kosher for Pesach (depending on your custom).
I know it can be hard when you are surrounded by lots of matzah and potatoes. The key is to try to get in more fruits and vegetables when you can, but still enjoy all the yummy food around. And remember most importantly to enjoy the time with your family 🙂 

Healthier Matzah Brei
Eggplant Dip (Without the Tahini)
Creamy Carrot Zucchini Soup
Super Easy Garlic Chicken
Easy Grilled Chicken
Grilled veggies
Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries

Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Pie (Use another milk, if you can’t get coconut)
Have a Happy Pesach!

Healthier Matzah Brei Plus Osem Passover Products Review

Osem USA recently contacted me to try some of their new Passover products. As always, I only like to review healthier products so when I opened the package I was pleased to see both whole wheat matzah and whole wheat matza meal. So many things to make came to mind.

I chose to stick to something that so many households make over Pesach. That is- Matzah Brei.
I healthified it to make it a little better than the usual recipe while still keeping the great taste.

I really enjoyed this whole wheat matzah, I didn’t realize a very different taste from the regular and plan to try more recipes using it!
Osem USA also has products like regular matzah, egg matzah, gluten free passover cakes, matza ball mix and my favorite- chocolate covered matzah. It’s hard to stop, it’s so good!
To find out more about what Osem USA has to offer, check out their facebook page HERE.

Healthier Matzah Brei
Makes one serving*
1 sheet of Osem whole wheat matzah
water, to soak matzah
1 egg white
1/2 Tb honey, plus more for drizzling
a dash of cinnamon
cooking spray

*The key to this recipe is to not over work the matzah when breaking it apart.*
Start off by putting the sheet of matzah under the water for a second. Then break apart the matzah into small pieces being careful you do not over work it or it will become mushy.
Pour a little bit more water over the top and then strain it out so the matzah is now moistened but no longer soaking in the water.
Add to the matzah the egg white, honey, and cinnamon.
Spray a frying pan with a coating of cooking spray. Heat on medium heat and then pour the matzah mixture into the pan. Cook till the bottom sets a bit and stir so the rest of the matzah gets cooked. Spray on a little more oil and keep cooking till the outside starts to get a bit brown and crispy being careful to mix it with a light hand so each piece gets cooked. Once it starts to look dry and crispy, about 5 minutes, remove from the pan. Be sure to drizzle with a little more honey and sprinkle with a dash more of cinnamon.

*When making more servings, do the same as above per serving, but feel free to use less honey. Just don’t forget to drizzle with more before serving for a great sweet taste!

*Osem USA sent me the products to try. All opinions are my own.