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  1. You need the tin part to make them crisp up, not sure if paper liners would do that. You can dip a paper towel into some oil and coat the pan. I also like using my misto oil sprayer that I put olive oil into.

  2. I used a dreidel shaped cookie cutter, poured the apple sauce inside and lifted it up. If you feel it wont stay in that shape you can just keep it in the cookie cutter and not lift it up.

  3. These look wonderful…do you squeeze out your potatoes before you add the egg and onion? You mentioned just using a little of the liquid from the bowl and discarding the rest — but can you give any guidelines about how much liquid is acceptable and how much is too much.


  4. I don't squeeze out the potatoes as that is just another step and I prefer an easy recipe.
    Using a spoon with wholes, like a slotted spoon to scoop out the potato latke batter should give you the right amount of liquid. If you see in the pictures of them before they are baked, they aren't covered in liquid. Don't be worried you kept too much liquid in it anyway as it should evaporate a little and you will still get a nice crispy latke. Enjoy!

  5. You made 18 latkes. 15 are on the plate. Did the other 3 accidentally fall on the floor and get eaten by a dog, or could a human somehow have eaten them before the guests arrived?

  6. Hehe. Recipe actually made 24! Everyone needed to "taste test" these of course, before sharing on the blog. I would NEVER drop one of these beauty's on the floor!!

  7. If I use my Cuisinart to grate the potatoes, should they be coarsely grated? Looks like yours have that coarse look to them.

    I just want to do it right – I've been dreaming of these since I saw the post last night! 🙂

  8. I'm sure this technique of baking the latkes this way will work with most recipes, so if you prefer matzoh meal in your latke, you can add some. But my recipe does not need it and I feel it is great without it.

  9. Not sure, there may be a higher water content in the frozen shredded potatoes and they may not crisp up. You can shred a lot of potatoes at once though if you use a food processor. That may help when making a large amount.

  10. Thank you for the recipe! My husband just had a cardiac stent placed and he was feeling sad about no latkes ever again… I can't wait to surprise him! I'm going to use egg beaters, do you think it will turn out ok?

  11. I just tried to make these but I grated the potatoes in a cuisinart. Now looking at the picture, I think I should have shredded. 🙁

  12. I never tried, but I think if you stored them in the fridge and reheated in the oven they will still be crispy, just do not over bake them or they will get too crispy and burn.

  13. How did they come out? I don't think it matters much if they are grated or shredded. As long as you follow the basic recipe and technique of how they are baked, they should turn out fine.

  14. I was not sure how big to get the potatoes and the onion. I have a huge amount of potato/onion mixture. should I add more oil and another egg! Help! I am cooking them now.

  15. The amount of egg and oil should be fine. If you are nervous you have too much maybe one more egg can be added. Also please be sure you spray the pan really well. That way they will come out easily of the pan. Enjoy!

  16. Thanks! Made them today and they were soooo delicious! Really perfect and great that you dont have to mess with frying.
    The problem is they disappeared too quickly! Any solution for that :-)? Yummy!!!

  17. we're going to make these for x-mass day meal. Can I use my regular large size nonstick cupcake molds or do they come out better made in the thin aluminum pans as shown?

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