Fit Friday #3

As a mom, getting out to exercise is just not easy. I work from home in the afternoons and have my mornings free. My 2 and 3 year old are in school and I am home with my 8 month old. Sometimes it’s hard to get a workout done with my baby around. When she takes a morning nap I always find something else that needs to get done besides for working out. Then she wakes up and wants some attention and to be held. 
Here is when this awesome workout comes in handy. Why not get a great workout and include your baby in it!
This is another favorite of mine from Well-Girl. The workout went so much faster and was more enjoyable because my baby found it so fun and was laughing away. She didn’t like me doing push-ups or planks over her though. So I did them next to her. And if you don’t have a baby to do this with you can still do this workout and feel the burn!
Now you are officially a super multitasking mama. Getting in exercise and playing with your baby all in one. 
And who knows what else- supper may already be in the oven!

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