Fit Friday #4

Take it from someone who knows, your body is just not the same after having a baby. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. For those of us who have had babies, our bodies have gone through a lot and that makes us even stronger. You can get back into even better shape than your body was before. Sounds good to me! Sign me up!

First thing to remember is that it took you 9 months to gain the weight so please give yourself time to lose it.

After having my babies I had what is called a Diastasis Recti. Basically my stomach muscles stretched and doing exercises like crunches and sit ups were not good for me. I needed to heal that before I moved on to more intense workouts. So after some researching I found Moms Into Fitness. On their website you can learn how to find out if you have this condition and how to fix it!
Check it out HERE.
I signed up for her 4 week free workout trial that included exercises specifically for healing Diastasis Recti.
After 3 weeks of doing the 30 minute videos 3-5 times a week, it was healed!!
Not only was I able to move on to other type of workouts, but I felt stronger and had more stamina.

So everyone, the proof is right here. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to see results. It can be done.
You can do it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.

Check out the Moms Into Fitness website.
They have a lot of videos on YouTube as well.

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