Snack Time!

I have found that I feel best when I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. 


Snacks are great to have as they keep your blood sugar levels even. If you eat a big breakfast and then don’t eat for a while your sugar levels will drop down and then spike back up again when you eat another large meal at lunch. That is why snacks are so good. They help keep you going till your next meal and you won’t be as starving by the time you eat lunch. So you will probably eat less at lunch as well. Just be sure you are snacking on healthy foods. You want high fiber, high protein, and good complex carb snacks. They shouldn’t be large. Snacks are small, remember that.

Here are some of my favorite snacks:
-Pear or apple with string cheese
-Apple slices with 1 Tb peanut butter or handful of almonds
-1 hard boiled egg with a few whole-grain crackers
-Celery with 1 Tb nut butter and a few raisins
-Air popped popcorn
-Handful of almonds and dried cranberries
-Homemade protein bar (recipe coming)
-Green/Fruit/Protein smoothie
-2 rice cakes with pb/guacamole
-Greek yogurt/cottage cheese and fruit
-Homemade granola bar (recipe coming)
-Sliced red pepper with 1 Tb hummus
-1 cup roasted chickpeas
-1/4 cup guacamole with cut up veggies
-Broccoli with hummus
-Microwave protein cake (recipe coming)
Some days I have a snack after Dinner too ๐Ÿ™‚
What are some of your favorite snacks?

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  1. Some really good snack ideas. Trick is to have them available and ready so that you don't grab for anything when you walk into the house after a long day and can literally "eat the wallpaper!" lol Guess we need to do some shopping!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing your protein bar recipe and the protein cake. We eat 3 snacks a day (sometimes 4), and especially when we travel, protein bars are it. Our other favorite snacks are Greek yogurt with frozen berries, Greek yogurt chocolate mousse, and a chocolate protein frozen 'pudding'. Evening snacks are fine up to 1 hour before you go to bed; the best ones are high protein, low carb. I've found that eating on a regular basis is really helpful with curbing my tendencies to overeat. I don't feel a need to eat as much at one time, and can feel satisfied with much less, when I know I'll be eating again in 2-3 hours. Thanks for standing up for the health value of snacks.

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