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How to Stick to a Workout Plan and Love it- Part 1

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As a busy Mom it’s really hard to find time to workout. As much as we’d like to say it, running after little ones most of the day just isn’t enough exercise if you are trying to lose weight. The key is to plan, plan, and plan. If you tell yourself  i’ll workout when I find time or after I do the dishes it will NEVER happen. You need to look at working out as part of your normal scheduled day. Just like when you wake up you wash your hands and brush your teeth. You need to look at exercise as just another thing to do today. That’s the first step.

For me, working out at home is best. I don’t need to worry about the baby being in a good mood to bring out of the house or finding a babysitter. Plus, once I am done I can go right into the other household chores I need to do.
I also like working out in the mornings, that way I am done with it first thing and don’t need to worry the rest of the day oh no I still need to workout!!!” I wake up and right away put on my workout clothes and sneakers. Therefore no excuses, I’m already dressed to workout. When my children see me wearing sneakers they know its exercise time. {They also know how to imitate me and pretend to do push ups and then after a bit they lay on the floor crying that it hurts. I guess my workouts leave me wiped!}

To summarize: The first thing you need to have is dedication. Find and plan time during your day to workout. It might take some time to find the perfect schedule. For me it took about 3 or 4 different plans. Now, I finally got it down and am so glad!
You need to change the way you look at exercising. It should be something that you look forward to and makes you feel great.

I have so much more on this and will therefore be doing this in several posts. Hopefully by the end of this series you will learn to enjoy working out, see results, and feel amazing!

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  1. You have motivated me! Next week, I start too!

  2. This is a really good principle that I learned years ago. That's how I figured out a way to get my dishes washed (I had no automatic dishwasher at the time). Now that I'm married and my husband and I exercise together (we are retired and spend 24/7 together), it has been really difficult to establish any kind of discipline or to overcome inertia. It doesn't help that we are trying to recover from a very stressful summer, which has left me somewhat depressed. I'm sure we'll eventually get it back together. In the meantime, I am appreciating the truth of the quote about how to tell how important things are to us and looking in the mirror. ๐Ÿ™‚

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