Tip Tuesday #9- Steam Your Greens

Getting your family to enjoy greens isn’t always easy. Most of the time they will say no before even taking a bite. But if you make your veggies the right way then you have a pretty high chance they will ask for seconds.

I love green beans. But every time I made them my husband would just take a bit on his plate to make me happy. It was so frustrating since I thought they were great! I would just throw them in a pan and try to make them similar to french fries. They weren’t bad. I liked them, but my husband was not a fan.

So the other day I remembered that I have a steamer basket. I was also reading up on how much more nutritious it is to steam your veggies as opposed to boiling them. So that is what I did. The result? Perfection! My husband loved the slight crunch of the green beans and asked for more! I wasn’t complaining either. Not only were these super yummy, but they were way too easy to make. I’ve tried it with broccoli as well and we love that too.

Steamed Green Beans (or broccoli)
Place about an inch of water in a pot. Place your steamer basket into the pot. Put in your desired amount of green beans. I use frozen green beans/broccoli. Cover and let cook about 15 minutes. It would be less if they are fresh. Taste to be sure they aren’t too crunchy. If they are, just cook another 5 minutes. They should also be a beautiful bright green.

Then place into a storage container and sprinkle on top garlic granules and sea salt. Cover lid and shake.
These are usually my side dish to turkey burgers. I use them as my garlic fries.

Have you tried steaming your vegetables?
I still can’t get over how simple it is and how good they come out.

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  1. Interesting what you do with your green beans. When I have fresh veggies I always steam them. But I cheat with frozen: put them in individual bowla with a little water and microwave for about 3-½ minutes per bowl. Drain and serve. Steaming is the healthiest way to cook veggies because the nutrients stay with the veggies instead of being tossed with cooking water.

    1. Thanks! I make something similar with onions also and mix it into brown rice its amazing. I must do a post on that some time.

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