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How to Stick to a Workout Plan and Love it- Part 4
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This is the perfect timing for me to write this post. The other day I slacked off on my clean eating and gave into some of those cravings for unhealthy foods. I was really upset about it. 
Usually when you fall off the bandwagon it is really really hard to get back on. I have had several weeks where I would do great and then one day not do well. It would lead me to totally fall off for another few days till I finally got back into it. It’s such a shame since then I would need to work even harder since I gave myself too much time off my healthy lifestyle. I hated the sore muscles yet again. If you keep at it, the soreness goes away and your body adjusts, but too much time off will lead to yet another beginning that is tough.
So, what did I do the next day after waking up and feeling upset that I didn’t work out and ate unhealthy? The exact thing I had a hard time doing before- got back on! I started my morning with some green tea and lots of water, exercised and ate really well. 
Just because you have one bad day doesn’t mean it should control the rest of the week. And also, we are allowed to have thosebad days. Those times where we give in to our cravings or just take it easy. Those days can help relax and rejuvenate you for the rest of the week where you will be eating well and working out hard. 
As you see, I have struggled with this and I am talking to myself here when I say-
One day off is fine and it happens to everyone. Just pick yourself back up and keep going. You have worked this hard, don’t let one bad day ruin that for you. 
Believe in yourself and don’t let anything pull you down.

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