Tip Tuesday #10- Low Carb/Low Cal “Spaghetti”

Everyone loves pasta. Problem is, most of us eat way more than we are supposed to. So to be a bit healthier, a great option is the whole wheat pasta. My family doesn’t know the difference and enjoys it just as much as the regular kind. The whole wheat version does add some fiber, but it can still be high in calories and of course, carbs which many of us try to limit. I especially like to limit my carbs towards the end of the day.

Spaghetti squash can be a good alternative. I have a hard time finding that where I live though. There is also shirataki noodles, which I have tried before- but the smell just got to me.
So, I found the perfect option for low carb and low calorie spaghetti. Move over wheat pasta and meetzucchini noodles!

Remember how I told you about my julienne peeler obsession? Check it out HERE
Well I now make perfect zucchini noodles that even my husband prefers over the whole wheat noodles!
No need to portion control here, you won’t gain weight from eating vegetables- promise!

Low Carb/Low Cal “Spaghetti”
1 or 2 medium sized zucchini. This serves one person so just use more zucchini’s to serve more.

Peel each zucchini to remove the outer skin. Then using your julienne peeler, peel the zucchini till only the core is left. You can discard the core or use it in another recipe.
Lay the zucchini strips on a towel. Cover and roll around to get out as much water as you can. Don’t be too rough or you will break them.
Heat a pan and spray with a bit of oil. Place all the zucchini into the pan and cook on medium to low heat for 10-15 minutes. Stir every so often so it cooks evenly. Towards the end I like to cover the zucchini to help steam them a bit to cook all the way through.
They should become soft like noodles. Do not overcook or they will be mushy and lose their shape. You want it to have a bit of a bite, similar to al dente pasta.
That’s it!

Julienne Zucchini
Roll in towel to remove some water
Dry and ready to be cooked
Close up!
In the pan
Almost done
Cover to steam and cook through
Time to serve!

Now all you have to do is top with whatever you’d like. You can also saute some onions, garlic and spices before adding the zucchini for more flavor.

Want to know how I like to use this spaghetti? Well, check back tomorrow for a delicious recipe that will go perfectly with these noodles.

Yummy and guilt free

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  1. To make things even healthier: there is a cooking idea I saw from raw fooodiest, that doesn't require any cooking just putting salt on top until the sauce (Also can be made raw) is processed. This website, I have to say, is still really quite adorable and user friendly matter-of-factly. Thank you for doing this kindness to the blogosphere, Rena!

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