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How to Stick to a Workout Plan and Love it- Part 5
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For the last part of this series I wanted to discuss something that happens to all of us when starting to exercise. And that issoreness! When we start to workout our bodies are using so many different muscles than we are used to that soreness will happen. 
There is a huge difference between feeling soreness and feeling pain. If you are in any major sharp pain, stop right away and speak with your doctor. Although, if you workout hard and with correct form, you should not end up with any injury. The soreness you feel is a good thing. It means you are moving and changing your body! 

It is very important to do a good warm up before working out. If you watch this video there is more info on this topic as well as a great 5 minute warm up- Click here to see it.
After the workout it is also important to stretch out the muscles you worked on. Only stretch to a point where it is comfortable. Be sure you do not end up straining yourself too much or that will cause injury. You don’t want to pull any muscles. Here is another great video with different stretches to do- Click here to see it.
When you feel sore after working out do NOT stop exercising! You should keep going and soon the soreness will pass and you will begin to get stronger. If you stop, then when you choose to start again, the soreness will return. So just push through it and usually that major soreness will go away. 
To Summarize: Warm up before each workout and stretch right after. If you feel sore, don’t stop-enjoy it! You are working your body in ways it hasn’t done before and changing for the better. Keep it up!
I hope you enjoyed this series on how to stick to a workout plan and love it. 
It is not only about exercise-you need to eat right. So check out my recipes and keep coming back for more!

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  1. One comment about soreness: if you are feeling soreness, give the sore muscles a day (or 2 if you are older – my husband and I are in our late 60's and we have found that the soreness shows up on the second day after working out) to recover. This is especially true for when you are doing weight training. I have encountered this wisdom from many sources. Not giving your muscles time to recover after weight training will result in injury.

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