Last Week of the 8 Week Get Healthy Plan

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I want to start off by saying I am sorry I did not post sample meal plans last week. I do hope in the future to give you some more meal ideas, but I think you get the point. 
Now, for the winner of the protein powder giveaway.
The winner is:
Blima N.
Congrats! Please email me at with your address so the products can be mailed to you.
For the last week of this plan there is just one thing to remember. You do not need to be perfect. If you go somewhere and want to indulge in something you usually wouldn’t, enjoy it!
If you do not allow those moments to eat foods that are not clean then you will just end up frustrated. The same thing goes for working out. A day or two without it, is fine!
It is good to look at this with an 80/20 rule.
80% of the time you should try to eat clean and stay on track. The other 20% you can let yourself do as you please. Enjoy the cake. Enjoy sleeping in and skipping the workout. 
This will make the other 80% much more doable.
Well, that is the end of the 8 Week Get Healthy Plan. 
I really hope you enjoyed these posts and I am glad to hear the great feedback.
Remember, I have two more of the health packages to give away to two lucky readers. 
One for a US reader and One for an international reader.
To be one of the winners please comment below with how this plan has worked for you. Please write where you are located so I can be sure the package can be mailed to you.
Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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  1. I like the flexibility of this plan and how it allows you to strive for good health while not taking it to an extreme!
    – Israel

  2. I liked the fact that this plan was simple and basic. Some of the things i had been doing already, and somw things gave me a push to be better, i really enjoyed reading the different ideas u had for incorporating being healthy into regular normal life, not extreme diet mode. Love the blog!

  3. I forgot to write that i am located in the us

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