Healthy Pesach E-Cookbook is here!

I can’t believe it is here!! I have been working hard to bring this e-cookbook to you all. At first I thought since I already have so many great healthy gluten free recipes that i’d just compile them into an e-cookbook and be done. Well that didn’t quite happen. As I was going through the book I realized you needed more. New recipes you haven’t seen and of course some ones you may have, but are still just as great.

This E-Cookbook is filled with over 50 healthy gluten free recipes that you can use for Pesach and all year round!Here are some of my favorites.
Nutty Granola: Beyond addicting and super easy to make. Quadruple that recipe!!

BBQ Wings: Really it’s the sauce on the wings that is amazing and I seriously love it! Especially that it’s only 5 ingredients!

Pistachio Pesto: I share a few ways to use this dip and let me tell you, if you haven’t tried pistachio in your pesto you are missing out!

Coconut Carrot Ginger Soup: When I was taking the photos of this soup, my husband and I were literally having spoonfuls of it…cold. That’s how good it is!

Chocolate Mousse: Do I really need to give a reason why I love this? Okay I will. It is creamy and rich and made with only 3 ingredients! I know! Go make it!! Quadruple that recipe too!

There are way more recipes that I love, but by now you probably want me to stop chatting and start sharing how you can purchase it!

Scroll below to Purchase the “No Way That’s Healthy for Pesach” E-Cookbook.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and that they help your holidays go a bit smoother and healthier!
Wishing you a beautiful holiday filled with health, happiness, and delicious food!


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