Hi and welcome to my blog!

I’m Rena, a 20 something year old mother of 4 beautiful (read: exhausting) children and wife to a “meat and potatoes” type of guy.

I have always loved to cook and bake. I love chocolate and everything sweet. But one day I realized that maybe all that cooking and chocolate eating might not be such a healthy thing for me. That’s when I decided that things need to change! I didn’t want to stop cooking and eating chocolate of course- no way! 😉 So I started looking for ways to make the things I like- you guessed it- healthy! That may sound like a challenge for someone with picky kids and a husband whose favorite vegetable is a potato, but I’ve found ways to make them happy eating healthier and i’ll be sharing that with you!

This blog is not only going to be about the recipes, but about the whole lifestyle. I’ll be sharing ways to make healthy living enjoyable, not stressful. I’ll be posting my favorite recipes I’ve tried so far, some of them from other amazing blogs and some of my own creations.

There will be tons of tips and advice. I’ll also share with you the workouts I’ve been doing and things I have done to recover after having a baby. Meal plans will be posted as well. Basically everything healthy will be here! Of course, it’s all about balance so i’ll have a section on delicious recipes that really are “no way” healthy, but are always a hit!

I hope you enjoy my blog and are able to take some of my advice with you on your own journey. Together I really hope we can succeed in making our lives a healthy and happy one.

One that you won’t think you are missing out on anything. One where you’ll have everyone saying –

“No Way That’s Healthy!”

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