Simple Spelt Sourdough Workshop Video and Handbook


Join hundreds of successful sourdough students! Learn how simple sourdough can be with this step by step video and detailed handbook.

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I’m so excited to finally share this with you!

After giving my Simple Spelt Sourdough workshop all over the Tri-State area, Florida, and Israel I’m now bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve done all the hard work and now you can learn how simple sourdough can be.

Join me, one on one, in this very clear and detailed video (downloadable not via YouTube) workshop where I will teach you my recipe and technique to make delicious sourdough at home. This includes a Sourdough Handbook which has even more information, as well as delicious recipes you will now be able to make. You will also get access to a private instagram account just for my sourdough students.

I’ll be there with you along the way! I’m here to help!

See what some of my sourdough students are saying:

“Taking your course was the best gift I’ve given myself. I’m baking sourdough bread every week since! (Except Pesach, of course) I’ve since sent my friends and family your way, after they tasted my bread and wanted the recipe!!”

“Rena explained everything so clearly, was super hands on, and was available after for any questions. We make such yummy sourdough now!”
Tova B.

“I’m so glad I went to the workshop and watched you do it since I’m a visual learner.  Your instructions are very easy to follow. I now make sourdough every week. The sourdough rugelach and crackers are a hit here as well.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I’m so excited to use what I learned. My bread comes out amazing!”

“I’m so glad I took Rena’s Sourdough workshop. My husband was unable to eat bread and now is able to enjoy the spelt sourdough I make for him. I thought it would be a lot harder to do, but Rena was very clear and detailed. I think I’ve even become a sourdough addict! And I’m loving it!”

“Taking Rena’s workshop was a game changer. Till then I was making regular sourdough and it was good. But learning how to make spelt sourdough is in another league and Rena showed us how easy it is. We prefer spelt to the regular sourdough because it’s much tastier and also even healthier as a bonus. Thanks, Rena, for helping me introduce spelt sourdough to our house! It completely enhances our Shabbos table; we can’t get enough of it!!”

“I have taken other sourdough courses before, but yours was the first with white spelt. You explained your techniques so clearly and are still always available for questions and help. I’m so happy I took your course and now I only make white spelt sourdough!!! Thank you so much!”

“I loved it! I had so much fun learning something I knew absolutely nothing about (I didn’t even know what sourdough was!) and I’m not a chef in the kitchen so the handbook is the best thing, I might have read it a hundred times already. But the best part about your class is the constant contact you have with us making sure we have it right. Even after we made it plenty of times already and it’s been months since your class! I highly recommend taking Rena’s class if you want to learn how to make sourdough.”
Jeanne E.

“I have to tell you that I took two other sourdough classes and your class is by far the clearest and easiest!! My sour dough came out the best with your recipe!!! So happy I took your class.”

“The workshop was wonderful. You really helped demystify sourdough. I’m enjoying making my own loaves and now I’m making my own starter from scratch.”

“It was a great class. I now make sourdough every week. Rena explained it really simple and easy and its a pleasure making bread every week.”
Hanna N.

“I need to thank you because since I attended your sourdough workshop I haven’t missed one week of baking. Me and my family are loving it and we can’t have Shabbos without sourdough!
I even made a starter from scratch and after 4 days it was ready, thanks to all the clear instructions.”



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